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ATN Produktionstechnik GmbH

By 2015 ATN Produktionstechnik GmbH took over the technology of the INOPLACER by Heeb Inotec. With these machines ATN completes its own product portfolio and offers following product ranges

- Soldering robot (Light, Laser, Hot Iron, Induction, .)
- Dispensing equipment (together with technology partner MUSASHI)
- Automatic optical inspection
- HighSpeed and HighPrecision handling with INOPLACER

Together with this ATN now offers service and support for all INOPLACER models: INOPLACER SM, AC, HP, HP4000 upt to the current models HPX, HPA und BASIC. At ATN Mr. Daniel Wolf together with five technicians will take care of the support of INOPLACER products.

ATN will continue to produce and improve the already successfull models INOPLACER HPA and INOPLACER BASIC.

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