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Solder paste mixer PM500S

  • For up to 2 doses 500 mg
  • 3D movement using 2 combined rotational movements
  • Significant reduction of the acclimatization time
  • Paste preparation without oxidation and moisture absorption

  • For faultless component production, it is important to work with high-quality material in the right application. This also applies to the solder paste. The solder paste mixer PM500S enables the solder paste in cans to be homogenized, thus creating optimum, reproducible production conditions. The combination of two rotation axes inclined to each other generates a 3D movement and the solder paste is mixed contamination-free in the sealed container (can or cartridge). Since the can / cartridge is not opened for mixing, oxidation processes and moisture absorption are almost impossible. Mixing promotes uniform heating, so that acclimatisation from the cooled storage environment to the production environment at room temperature takes place in a few minutes; waiting for hours is no longer necessary.

    The solid housing with a high dead weight and an attractive design without protruding operating elements ensures sufficient stability despite high speeds. The motor is immediately switched off by a safety switch when the hood is opened.

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    Solder paste mixer PM500S


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