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PickToLight Shelve

The PTL shelf has an LED for each setting compartment to signal statuses or indications. To store material, the carrier UID is scanned and the PTL shelf indicates via an LED where space is available. The shelf remembers all carriers that are stored. Withdrawals from the warehouse are carried out in a similar way: a list of materials or pieces is generated for picking; either digitally or printed out. The digital picking list is loaded by the programme and then the corresponding carriers are displayed in sequence. At the position of the first carrier the assigned LED lights up. The carrier is removed and scanned for confirmation. Then the LED for the next carrier lights up, and so on until the last carrier has been removed. For the printed picking list, such a format should be selected that the carrier UID is output as a barcode or DataMatrixCode (DMC). This should not cause a major problem, even with externally generated lists, as in Excel, for example, the relevant column only needs to be formatted with the appropriate font. The list is printed and serves as the basis for the withdrawal. The code of the first carrier is scanned, the LED for this carrier lights up and the carrier can be removed from the warehouse. The carrier UID on the carrier is scanned as confirmation and then the next carrier is taken. Mix-ups are ruled out, eliminating a dangerous source of error.

The advantages of the system become particularly clear when comparing the way it works with conventional component management: printing lists, comparing, crossing off and searching for material are a thing of the past. Working with the ATN system is faster, safer and also saves a lot of space. The standard shelf with dimensions of 2.1 m x 1.9 m x 0.4 m (WxHxD) has a capacity of 1,400 SMD rolls (diameter 7"=178 mm); that is, over 1650 rolls/m² storage space. Another shelf variant offers space for 500 rolls with a diameter of up to 380 mm.

In summary, the ATN system offers a number of advantages over conventional warehouse management:

  • Fast storage and retrieval of component carriers
  • No waiting time due to material search
  • Real-time tracking of materials
  • Ongoing real-time inventory
  • Seamless integration with MRP & MES
  • Significant reduction in makeready times
  • Space saving compared to conventional hand racks and above all
  • Elimination of errors

In conjunction with the minimal installation effort, this results in extremely short amortisation periods. Even the avoidance of a single error can have the effect that the investment already pays off.


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PickToLight Shelve


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