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Pick&Place Machine


basic data
◦ 2 Variants
PRO-22x with double head
PRO-26 with 6-fold placement head
◦ placement power 2.000 Bt/h or 8.000 Bt/h.
◦ inline for PCB to 400 x 400 mm
◦ Chip 0201 - QFP 40x40 mm, BGA
◦ up to 64 single feeder
◦ Dispenser / Jet-Valve optional

The INOPLACER PRO is a universal inline placement machine for SMD technology. The system realises mature technology at a favourable price. favourable price. As with all INOPLACER models, the basis is a solid and precise machine construction using high-quality components.

Data sheet (PDF)


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The INOPLACER PRO 22x is a very universal machine with double insertion head and the possibility to integrate a dispenser. The tool changer gives high flexibility of the components to be processed. The 50mm Z-stroke allows the placement of large components. The PRO 22x achieves a placement speed of of 2,000 components per hour.
Inoplacer PRO 22D:
Double insertion head,
Dispenser and tool changer

The INOPLACER PRO 26 is trimmed for speed and has 6 placement heads and also 6 high-speed cameras. Since mainly chip types are there is no tool changer and the Z-stroke of 20mm is sufficient.
The PRO 26 achieves a placement speed of 8,000 components per hour. components per hour.

Inoplacer PRO 26:
6-way placement head,
with 6 Highspeed cameras

optional with Dispenser or AeroJet
tape feeder:
feed for component belts with 8, 12, 16 ,24, 32, 44, 72 mm Wide.
pneumatically driven
robust diecast frame
identifikation over DMC
data integration over SQL database
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