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SMD INOPLACER accessories feeder and cassettes

SMD accessories feeders and cassettes for INOPLACER PRO and Junior:

Smart feeder
Feeder for component belts with 8, 12, 16, 24, 32mm width. Pneumatically driven, activation via IO signal. Simple assembly as no cables or electrical connections are required. With DMC code, so that all data is managed via an SQL database and thus on the machine, at the set-up station and in the order planning.
Smart-Feeder: 8x2mm
Smart feeder 8x2mm
Smart-Feeder: 8x4mm
Smart feeder 8x4mm
Smart-Feeder: 12mm
Smart feeder 12mm
Smart-Feeder: 16mm
Smart feeder 16mm
Smart-Feeder: 24mm
Smart feeder 24mm
Smart-Feeder: 32mm
Smart feeder 32mm
Smart-Feeder: 44mm
Smart feeder 44mm
Stick feeder

CAN-BUS feeder

Feeder CAN-Bus 8 mm
CAN-BUS roller feeder
Feeder for component belts with 8, 12, 16 ,24, 32, 44 mm width. Motor driven, activation via IR signal or CAN-BUS. Easy installation as no cables or pneumatic connections have to be connected. Power supply via a bus bar integrated in the feeder bank. Step size adjustment via electronic integrated in the feeder.
Feeder CAN-Bus 32 mm
32 mm Feeder
Feeder CAN-Bus 44 mm
44 mm Feeder

CAN-BUS feeder cassette

Feeder cassette CAN-Bus
CAN-BUS feeder cassette
Space-saving feeder for component belts with 8 mm width. The feeder cassette with 10 x 8 mm feeders requires only the space of 6 x 8 mm single feeders. The feeders are motor driven, activation via IR signal or CAN-BUS. Easy mounting because no cables or pneumatic connections have to be connected. Power is supplied by a bus bar integrated in the feeder bank.

Linear feeder bars

Linear feeder
Linear feeder for bar stock and mouthpieces
Feeder for SMD components supplied in bars. The components are conveyed by vibration, which is generated by a linear magnet. Easy changeover to different housing shapes by exchanging the mouthpieces. Special designs can be realized by adapting or customizing the mouthpieces.

Label feeder

Label feeder
Label feeder
In order to meet the ever-increasing demand for traceability in the inoplacer line as well, we have expanded our program with the INOLABEL ALF 12 label feeder. We see this as the ideal complement to our INORÜST (feeder setup and batch management) and INOTRACE (Traceability Compact) software modules.

Short tape board

Short tape board
SMD short tape board for small series assembly, exotic assembly or sample assembly. The individual belt feeding elements can be pressed into the base plate in a 4-position grid, allowing different belt widths to be processed. The belt is threaded into the guide and fixed with a perforation hole in the catch pin. The unit thus set up is aligned on the machine and programmed as a grid tray.

Double side placement board

Universal PCB holder for INOPLACER SMD placement machines. The PCB holding pieces are 8 mm above the base plate, thus double-sided placement is possible without conversion. A right angle can be created via the fixed support pieces and the required board dimensions can be set via the adjustable support pieces. Eccentrically rotatable support points prevent the PCB from bending during the assembly process.

Grid tray handler

Grid tray handler for automatic feeding of max. 10 grid trays, size max. 260 x 350 mm.

Inline system INOPLACER HPA

Inline-System INOPLACER-HPA.
max. loading area 300 x 350 mm
only in connection with automatic reference mark recognition

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