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Neotel Technology, the industry-leading autonomous SMT storage solutions provider, gives our customers full control of their electronics material flow.
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NeoLight + SMD-Box




NeoLight + SMD-Box
Smart Material Flow
SMF (Smart Material Flow) is a software suite that manages and optimizes the flow of materials in the SMT production process. It helps to control inventory levels, track real-time inventory, automate reordering and integrate with other systems such as ERP and MES.
neotel technology

Software architecture and interfaces

neotel technology NEO SCAN


Intelligent Incoming Material Station, Incoming Material Registration Station
neotel technology NEO SCAN
Incoming material registration

Neotel Technology’s Neo Scan is a solution that streamlines the tracking of incoming materials by generating unique 2D IDs for each item. Compatible with various barcodes from multiple suppliers, this system improves inventory management, increases accuracy, and reduces human error.
UID /Reel ID/Serial number

Unique Identification. A unique identification, or ID, is a system-specific identifier for an item, record or resource. Neo Scan assigns a 2D ID to incoming materials upon barcode scanning. This ID functions as a means of tracking and managing the material throughout the facility, linked to data such as location and quantity. The use of a unique ID allows for easy identification and location of materials, streamlining the tracking process.
How does Neo Scan work?

  • Barcode scanning: Incoming materials are scanned using the Neo Scan system.
  • Unique ID generation: The system generates a 2D identification number for the item based on the scanned barcode.
  • Label printing: The generated identification number is printed on a label and applied to the material.
  • Manual labelling: The system generates a unique ID, and the label is printed and manually applied to the material..
neotel technology NEO SCAN Material registration system


Automate Your Incoming Material Registration Process
neotel technology NEO SCAN PLUS


SISO: single input single output 1.000 reels capacity Dimension: 1550*1550*2600mm MIMO: multi Input multi-output. 750 reels capacity Dimension. 1500*1550*2650mm DUO: dual module 2.550 reels capacity Dimension. 3750*2250*2600mm XLR: Extra large SMT reel 14.400 reels capacity Dimension: 6200*3400*4600mm
Our automatic storage systems give you the benefit of a comprehensive range of products, to provide the best possible automation of electronics components. Our sophisticated control software and intelligent drive technology, highly dynamic automatic SMD BOX modules set themselves apart with simple operations and extremely low maintenance. Our comprehensive product modules allow for flexible adaptation to your individual requirements. The highly dynamic storage and retrieval SMT BOX MIMO as well as high capacity system, SMD BOX XLR, ensure maximum flexibility.

X-ray Component Counter

Regardless of the size of your production, having a proper understanding of your electronics component inventory, and usage is very important. It can help you keep track of all your consumption and determine the next step to SMT production. It can also help SMT engineers manage sudden changes in demand. Neo Counter help you immediate know the reel quantity and even update to your own IT structure, whatever ERP/MES/SCM/shop floor system, etc.
Offline X-ray Component Counter
Neo Counter X400 Offline-Röntgen-Bauteilzähler Neo Counter X400
Neo Counter, Xay component counter, changes the way of manual SMT component counting. The system comes with the latest X-Ray imaging, automation technology. Users can get SMD component quantity information in seconds. Inline X-ray
Neo Counter X800 Offline-Röntgen-Bauteilzähler Neo Counter X800
Neo Counter X800, an inline Xay component counter, provide unprecedented component counting automation. It can help you with: Batch material process/supplying/receiving, Counting automation, Material sortation, UID/Reel ID/Serial Number generation, Printing, Relabeling, AGV/Trolley loading/unloading.
X-ray counters are devices that use X-ray technology to count electronic components on a reel. They work by using a beam of X-rays to scan the components on the reel and create an image of them. The image is then analyzed by a computer to determine the number of components on the reel.
X-ray counters are typically used in manufacturing processes where it is important to accurately count and track the number of components being used. They can be more accurate than other methods of component counting, such as visual inspection or weighing, because they can “see” inside the components and detect any hidden components that might not be visible using other methods. However, they may be more expensive and require more maintenance than other methods.

Neo Light Series

Neo Light is an intelligent component rack designed to assist in picking and putting away electronic components. It can handle a variety of work orders and job lists and can be used for piece picking, case picking, and kitting orders, as well as refilling requests for pick and place machines. It aims to make the process more efficient and intelligent.
Neo Light PTL Neo Light Mobile Neo Light MBB
Neo Light PTL Neo Light Mobile Neo Light MBB
Neo Light PTL is an intelligent SMT component rack solution. It utilizes Pick to Light technology to guide users for SMT components picking/putting.. Neo Light PLUS is an enhanced SMT reel storage rack solution. Neo Light Plus equips location sensors for material added/removed detection. It can further save time for location verification of SMT material picking/putting operation. Neo Light Mobile is your SMT component storage rack with a mobility feature. It can transport SMD materials to the production line while keeping real-time inventory information even during the move.


Intelligent THT assembly station, Standardized component assembly procedure

Neo Station: Intelligent THT assembly station Neo Station: Intelligent THT assembly station Neo Station: Intelligent THT assembly station
Neo Station can transform your manual assembly into smart manufacturing needs. For low volume, high mix PCB assembly still needs manual operation, with the help of Neo Station, the operator can increase efficiency, accuracy with smart THT assembly station. Neo Station can recognize PCB assembly programming by RFID or barcode. Assembly process and notice will appear on the screen. Component position the PCB will be projected and users can see where they need to place the component. With the built-in optical inspection (AOI) system, users can easily identify the defects in specific area. The more data you collect, the easier it is to continuously improve. With the help of AOI Neo station know exactly when and how each individual part is placed throughout the whole assembly process.

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