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Light soldering with LightBeam

Light soldering with LightBeam

In light soldering, short-wave infrared light is focused in the range of 1µm. The light source is placed in one focal point of a semi-elliptical mirror so that all rays emitted by the light source are focused in the second focal point of the ellipse. The radiant energy is converted into heat at the surface of the solder joint by absorption.
The radiant energy can be varied by the power of the light source, the duration of the radiation and the type of focusing.
The diameter of the focal spot is 2-3 mm, depending on the optical system.
Point - (LightBeamSpot) or band (LightbeamLine) emitters are used for the respective application in light soldering..

Areas of application

Light soldering is particularly suitable for selective reflow soldering when joining partners with the same heat capacity are to be soldered.

Closing of solder bridges
Closing of
solder bridges
Contacts on circuit boards
Contacts on
circuit boards
Connectors on circuit boards
Connectors on
circuit boards
SMD on Flex
SMD on Flex

Light soldering system LightBeam
LightBeam Spot
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