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AVIO - Thermode systems(Pulse Heat)

From Nippon Avionics Co., Ltd. (AVIO) has developed thermode systems that can be used for various applications, such as soldering in electronics manufacturing, heat sealing (ACF bonding), and heat caulking of plastics.

In recent years, the demands on the function and performance of mobile and other electronic devices have increased continuously. As components become smaller and more powerful, so do the technologies for precise assembly. With thermode systems, AVIO enables microconnection solutions that meet the increasing demands in the manufacturing industry.

What is a thermode system?

A thermode system consists of a high-precision current source and the tool containing the thermode. The current source is controlled with pulse width modulation and heats the thermode. It is shaped in such a way that it heats up evenly at the contact surface and cools down again quickly after the current source is switched off. This makes it suitable for various joining processes:
Stirrup soldering
Stirrup soldering
the solder joints are heated until the existing solder melts (reflow soldering). Then the current is switched off and the thermode cools down until the solder has solidified again. Therefore, during soldering, the contact to be soldered can be pressed onto the substrate. Since a temperature sensor is integrated in the thermode, which is evaluated by the controller of the current source, temperature profiles can be realized exactly.
Hot caulking
Another application is the
Hot caulking
of plastics. In this process, a plastic mandrel is formed under temperature and pressure so that it can join parts like a rivet. In this process, too, it is important to maintain exact temperatures, as the temperature range from softening to burning of the plastic is very narrow.
Heat sealing
The third major application of thermode systems is
Heat sealing
(thermocompression bonding). In this process, electrically conductive connections are contacted or bonded under temperature by means of an electrically conductive film.

The energy introduced into the heating element is controlled by pulse width modulation. The effective temperature is measured by a sensor directly at the heating element and the power supply is regulated according to the programmed
Stirrup solderingTemperature profile for stirrup soldering
The temperature profile can be freely programmed and the corresponding heating curve can be shown graphically on the display. All data can be read out automatically via the serial interface.

Standard generator for stirrup soldering, heat sealing and heat caulking
Heating temperature20-600 °C E, J Typ
20-900 °C K Typ (optional)
Heating time000-999(×100 ms, ×10 ms)
Nominal power750 VA - 3 KVA
Voltage values0.88 V, 1.24 V, 1.75 V, 2.47 V, 3.5 V
Power source1Φ AC 200 V ~ 230 V ± 10 %
Dimensions/Weight200 × 320 × 283 mm (B x T x H) ≒19,5 kg
Joining with high reliability

Since heating and cooling take place while pressure is applied, the working position is not shifted during joining.

Variable temperature profile and limited temperature input

Since heating is local and instantaneous, thermal effects on surrounding areas are limited.

High repeatability

Digital PID control allows good reproducibility of temperature and time.

Suitable for lead-free solders

Lead-free solder is processed by setting to high temperature and long heating time.

User Interface

RS-232 & I/O facilitate integration into automated systems.

Extensive monitoring functions

Temperature monitoring: upper and lower limit (average, maximum), profile detection error: overheating, thermocouple failure, etc.

Other standard functions

15 stored settings: Control signal for Z-stroke and cooling air, input for auxiliary thermocouple, counter function.

Thermode tools
Thermode holder for NA111 und NA112
  • Vertical force application avoids transverse forces
  • Long service life due to use of optical sensors
NA-111 NA-112 NA-151 NA-152 NA-153
Pressure range 0.7 - 5 N 5 - 65 N 1.2 - 7 N 5 - 70 N 20 - 150 N
Pressure method Spring
Z-Hub depending on the z-axis
Drive method Motor (201PB-B), Pneumatic (NA-221) Manual (NA-231)
Dimentions W106 × D48 × H287 mm W106 × D48 × H285 mm W124 × D54.8 × H298 mm
Weight 0,6 kg 1,0 kg

Motorized, pneumatic and mechanical Z-Hub
Electric z-axis & control
CNT-320B CNT-320B Touch Panel Display 201PB-B 202PB-B
  CNT-320B & NA-201PB-B/NA-202PB-B CNT-320B & NA-201PB-B
Drive method Motor
Hub / Resolution max. 50 mm / 1 µm max. 50 mm / 10 µm
Power source DC 24 V ± 10 % 4 A
(Option: AC Adapter AC 100 ~ 240 V)
DC 24 V ± 10 % 2 A
(Option: AC Adapter AC 100 ~ 240 V)
Dimensions / Weight CNT-320B : W120 x D315.9 x H207 mm // 3.7 kg
NA-201PB-B: W57.5 x D82.5 x H311.2 mm // 2.0 kg
NA-202PB-B: W74 x D103.5 x H368.6 mm // 4.5 kg
CNT-320B : W120 x D315.9 x H207 mm // 3.7 kg
NA-201PB-B: W57.5 x D82.5 x H311.2 mm // 2.0 kg
Throttle for setting the speed

Pneumatic cylinder

Linear axis
Foot pedal
Pneumatic z-axis
NA-221, NA-222
Manual axis
Mechanical axis
NA-221 NA-222 NA-231
Drive method Pneumatic Pneumatic Foot pedal with bowden cable
Hub max. 50 mm max. 50 mm max. 10 mm
Speed Adjustable via throttle
(Φ 4 mm hose)
Adjustable via throttle
(Φ 6 mm hose)
Compressed air 0.4 - 0.6 MPa 0.4 - 0.6 MPa
Dimensions/Weight W78 × D83 × H280 mm // 1,3kg W86 × D85 × H289 mm // 2,2kg Drive unit:
W51 × D79 × H192mm // 1,0kg

Foot pedal:
W124 × D268 × H125mm // 2,2kg

Basic configuration
Tripods and recordings
Thermode holder
Standard thermodes
Caulking tips

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