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Induction soldering

Induction soldering

In induction brazing, a medium- or high-frequency current source is applied to a secondary coil, the brazing inductor. The alternating current flowing in the inductor induces a magnetic field which generates eddy currents in joining partners at the brazing joint, causing heating to brazing temperature. A prerequisite for this is that the components to be soldered are electrically conductive. To prevent the inductor from heating up, cooling water is pumped through the hollow coil wire. Induction brazing enables the transfer of large amounts of energy. Another advantage of this process is the low maintenance and servicing requirements.

Areas of application

Induction brazing is suitable for applications with high energy requirements, for joining partners with different thermal masses, and for contacts embedded in plastic.

Wire to pin
Wire to pin
High-power LEDs on aluminum PCB
High-power LEDs on
aluminum PCB

Induction soldering
Robot soldering head LK-I
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